How To Start a Face Painting Home Business

If you have a passion and love for face painting, I would encourage you to take it a step further by generating some nice passive income through it. There is really only one prerequisite, and that is love for the art. If you are just going in for the money, it is likely that you would throw it the towel just before the money rolls in.

So how do you set up a face painting home business?

The following steps are essential, though not exhaustive:

Basic Skills and Techniques

Obviously you need to acquire a reasonable face painting standard before you can display your skills in public. If you are just starting out, the key to getting good at it is simply to paint something every day. There is no shortcut to success, unfortunately. Even if you can only spare 15 minutes a day, paint something. You must work on your skills and techniques every day until you achieve an intermediate to professional standard.

You Don’t Need To Be A Professional

I have attended numerous birthday parties and I have observed the works of many face painters. Let me tell you, most of them are at best average in what they do. So let this be an encouragement to you. You see, you don’t have to play in a national team before you can coach a basketball team. As long as you put in your passion and dedicated work, your will achieve more than the average personlook at here.

To date, I have yet to come across any kids or parents complaining about the face painters at the parties I attended. These people are often in the celebration mode and tend to be very forgiving, unless you really screw up. So, if your inner voice is telling you that you are not good enough, don’t listen it! Declare out loud that you are a good face painter and everybody in the party is going to like what you do. Say this a thousand times if you need to overcome the negativity and fear.

This is a very important mindset to running a successful face painting business.

Ways To Publicize Your Face Painting Business

Until you become a professional or a well-known figure in where you live, you need to go out to get the business:

  • Set up a website – This is the very basic advertising tool you will need. Today, you can easily setup a free website in blog styles using WordPress or blogspot directories. Go get it registered.
  • Business cards – I am sure you meet people every week, and there is always someone who will ask what you do. Having some business cards with you at all times is crucial. Remember to bring them to the parties or events where you are painting as well. This is because people will come up to you and ask for your contact information. This is where you generate more business. The more parties you do, the more new referrals you will get.
  • Broadcast it – Tell your family members, friends, church members, your mechanic, your hair stylists and so on. Never be shy to tell people what you do, and give them your calling card if they ask for it.
  • YouTube it – Record some of your face painting sessions and put it on YouTube. Remember to leave your website address along with contact information on it. This is a very powerful advertising avenue, yet it is free!

Above are just some simple tips to help you get started with a Face Painting Business. I wish you success in this lovely and interesting field. For more information, check out the resources.

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